We believe in helping individuals develop the required skills to achieve maximum workforce productivity.
STREE 2024
She Transforms Routine to Equitable Entrepreneurship Flagship entrepreneurship programme to help women transform their ideas into livelihood-based sustainable businesses
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We provide insightful solutions backed by Research-driven programs to help individuals unleash their true potential.
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Our training programs provide individuals with in-depth knowledge in IT skills, Environment, Entrepreneurship and much more
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Through livelihood-based workshops and campaigns, we aim at rebuilding lives to support the less privileged
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We constantly work towards creating a sustainable environment that is crucial to maintaining ecological balance
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Kshamata Innovation Foundation (KIF), a Bangalore based NGO started in 2020, aims to make a lasting and effective change through research-driven innovative programs in sustainability, capacity building, women empowerment, rural development, and inclusive community growth. Our work is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Projects

STREE (She Transforms Routine to Equitable Entrepreneurship) focuses on helping ordinary household women identify their talent or strength; helping them nurture and develop this to become effective contributors to their families.

STREE was initiated during the pandemic when many women (especially housewives) lost their dearest life partners and were not certain of the way forward. KIF stepped in to help them explore, identify, and strengthen their capabilities with focused training for sustaining themselves individually or in cooperation with each other.

Our flagship Vocational Training Program to promote youth employability for identified job roles in line with industry requirements, Our aim is to use the JIVICA platform to provide beneficiaries with the opportunity to fresh skill, re-skill and upskill themselves, seek livelihood opportunities and become financially independent.

This will enable them to transcend social barriers and promote their leadership and participation in community life thereby making them more self-sufficient.

SPARK is dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for students in government schools, aiming to revolutionize their educational experience by integrating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), robotics, mathematics workshops, self-learning materials, story writing workshops, and literary clubs into their curriculum.

By providing these students with access to advanced learning opportunities, SPARK not only enhances their academic knowledge but also equips them with practical skills and fosters a love for innovation.

Our projects

Creating Women Entrepreneurs

KIF’s flagship program, STREE (She Transforms Routine to Equitable Entrepreneurship) was launched on the eve of International Women’s Day (7th March 2021) to create a unique platform to enable women in transforming routine ideas into sustainable businesses for livelihood.

Upskilling Graduates in Competent IT Skills

This program equipped graduates with competent technological skills, KIF conducted around 13 Programs in subjects like Cyber Security, Data Science, Artificial Development, etc. We trained around 300 graduates virtually in these boot camps with the aid of an innovative Virtual Lab for IT.

Enabling Online Education for Rural Karnataka

During the challenges faced by the education instructors to pivot their instruction online, Kshamata Innovation Foundation (KIF) digitalized and created animated content for Tata Hitachi to enable online learning in their Kannada Medium Primary school in Dharwad.



Help in sourcing donations of computers for Government Polytechnics

This campaign is for seeking assistance from industry and donors in contributing to the enhancement of teaching infrastructure. Especially with setting up laboratories, providing equipment for workshops, good quality working computer hardware (Desktops & Laptops), computer software for teaching purposes, computer peripherals that will assist in the teaching to produce job-ready students.


Our programs aim at improving livelihood through transformative programs and effective campaigns to help make a difference in society.

Registered Address

113, 2nd Cross, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

Operating Address

10, Sirur Park Rd, Jai Bheema Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560020
Tel: +91 82177 37323
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Our programs aim at improving livelihood through transformative programs and effective campaigns to help make a difference in society.

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