A Unique Initiative

To improve education for government school students through STEAM education, robotics, mathematics workshops, self-learning materials, storytelling, and literary clubs.

A platform

To create self-respecting, equitable household family contributors through innovative education and skill development, helping them gain essential skills and pursue various career paths.

Our flagship programme

Which aims to inspire learning, innovation, and overall growth among government school students, empowering them to become confident and capable future leaders.

Quick Recap Robotics Workshop:

WHY Government Schools?

SPARK Outcome

Project SPARK is dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for students in government schools, SPARK not only enhances their academic knowledge but also equips them with practical skills and fosters a love for innovation.

Enhanced Academic Knowledge

SPARK integrates STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education to expand students’ academic perspectives and equip them with essential skills for the future.

Practical Skills Development

Students engage in hands-on learning experiences in robotics, mathematics, and self-directed learning materials, enhancing their problem-solving abilities and practical skills.

Preparation for the Future:

SPARK instills a lifelong passion for learning and innovation, preparing students to tackle future challenges in a rapidly evolving world by nurturing their curiosity and adaptability.

Creativity and Literacy

SPARK fosters creativity, critical thinking, and literary appreciation through story writing workshops and literary clubs, empowering students to express themselves creatively and think critically.

ROADMAP Phases for SPARK Programs

Phase 1
Mobilisation & Screening

Identifying government school students interested in SPARK's educational programs through initial screenings to assess their interest and readiness.

Phase 2
Orientation & Group Segregation

Introducing students to SPARK’s educational goals and organizing them into groups based on their interests and learning needs.

Phase 3
Skill Development

Providing hands-on training in STEAM subjects, robotics, mathematics, and self-learning materials to build students’ skills and confidence.

Phase 4
Creativity & Literacy Workshops

Conducting story writing workshops and literary club activities to foster creativity, critical thinking, and literacy skills among students.

Phase 5
Future Readiness

Ensuring students are well-prepared for future challenges by instilling a passion for learning and innovation through SPARK’s holistic educational approach.

How Can You Support SPARK?


Promote SPARK’s educational initiatives to raise awareness and attract support for enhancing learning opportunities in government schools.


Engage professionals and experts to mentor students, providing guidance and inspiration for their educational and career journeys.


Collaborate with like-minded organizations to expand SPARK’s reach and provide essential resources and support for program growth.


Become a Sponsor and Brand Partner of SPARK to support its mission of empowering government school students through innovative education.

Other Programs under SPARK

Digitalisation of Textbooks

In response to the challenges faced by educators in transitioning to online instruction, Kshamata Innovation Foundation (KIF) digitalised and created animated content to facilitate online learning in Kannada Medium Primary schools in Karnataka, ensuring students could continue their education seamlessly despite the shift to digital platforms.

Literary Workshops

This initiative is designed to enhance the writing, reading, and analytical skills of government school students. These workshops include activities such as creative writing exercises, discussions on various literary works, and opportunities for students to share and critique each other’s writings. The goal is to foster a love for literature, improve literacy skills, and encourage creative expression among government school children.

Enhanced Skilling for Academic Excellence

Kshamata Innovation Foundation (KIF) also conducts specialised academic workshops for government school children to enhance their performance, skills and knowledge, promoting academic excellence.

We Believe

“Inspiring minds, igniting futures through education.”

Our programs aim at improving livelihood through transformative programs and effective campaigns to help make a difference in society.

Registered Address

113, 2nd Cross, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

Operating Address

10, Sirur Park Rd, Jai Bheema Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560020
Tel: +91 82177 37323
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Our programs aim at improving livelihood through transformative programs and effective campaigns to help make a difference in society.

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