Swetaleena Panda: A journey from receiving knowledge to spreading knowledge.

It is me, Swetaleena Panda, usually called “Sweta” in my peer circle. I was born and brought up in Odisha. Being the first child and only daughter to my loving authoritative parents, I have been grown up being strong and independent. Starting from learning Bike ride, Karate, singing till my higher studies, career, I have been given every opportunity which I wished for.

From childhood, I had a fairy dream of setting up my own school having its own rules, regulations, and culture. That dream had been making me fascinated about learning and education. I did my post-graduation as an MTech in Power electronics with the idea of becoming an academician and settling down in my hometown. But with time and situation, I got an opportunity to explore many more aspects of knowledge. Especially when I was on a regular job, I got to learn many real-life based skills which have contributed significantly to shape my thoughts and vision.

I worked at Siemens as a software professional for more than 4 years and in the year 2019, I decided to quit the job and start the journey of Entrepreneurship. There are multiple reasons for choosing this journey:

  • I am a person of having my own identity and ideology and I feel entrepreneurship is that route in which I can justify them.
  • I am always fascinated by knowing, exploring, and creating new things. And with my experience, I realized there are great talents everywhere carrying unimaginable knowledge but go dead due to lack of opportunity and support whereas the world needs such talents for its sustainable development.

With this thought, SANISA Research and Development Center started in the year 2020. The Center is established with the aim of creating the best environment and solutions to address the challenges that lie in the research and innovation sectors. We aim to renovate the image of research and innovation to make it trend and effective as any individual would enjoy the process of research and innovation as he or she enjoys a movie.

Though it is still at its crawling stage, the journey has been full of enlightenment and inspiration. I am fortunate to meet many divine souls in form of friends, colleagues, and relatives, who have been guiding me, mentoring me to make myself and my aim sharper and greater. It is not deniable that this transient phase is full of uncertainties and risks which sometimes really create many red-colored question marks on my mind. It has been always my mother, my greatest support who stands with me during those week moments and re-energizes me to stand up and resume the efforts.

The journey is just started. A long way to go…

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Our programs aim at improving livelihood through transformative programs and effective campaigns to help make a difference in society.

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Our programs aim at improving livelihood through transformative programs and effective campaigns to help make a difference in society.

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